In My Mailbox #5 ~ E-Book Edition

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In My Mailbox is a weekly meme held over at The Story Siren.  It’s a great way to let everyone know about the books that have come into your home the past week.  Whether you bought, borrowed, or received them for review, you share your loot and then hook up over at the The Story Siren. It’s an awesome way to meet fellow bloggers and find new books to read…

Some of our fellow bloggers are really good about getting the word out on free, or nearly free, ebooks.  Since my TBR pile is extremely bloated, I’ve been trolling for free Kindle ebooks for the past few weeks.  Since I rarely read on my iPhone, I always forget I have these sitting, waiting… (cue Jack Johnson song)

Here’s what I “purchased” just this past week:

Now, the ebooks I forgot I “purchased” over the past couple of weeks:
I’m not particularly skilled at searching for these free ebooks and Kindles but there are a couple of blogs I check out for their lists.  They are I Am a Reader, Not a Writer & Rex Robot Reviews.  I’m sure there are other blogs out there that list free reads but I just haven’t found them – sorry!
Soooo, what found a home at your house (or on your e-reader) this week?


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17 responses to “In My Mailbox #5 ~ E-Book Edition

  1. I also grabbed Unearthly for a dollar. I loved it so I wanted a copy. I just read Hallowed too and it was really good! I also got Jessica’s Guide even though I already read it. It’s free I grab! I loved Hollowland didn’t like Hollowmen quite as much. I also love the My Blood Approves series! The first book isn’t that exciting but the whole series was very enjoyable. I love Jack a ton! Peter not so much. Happy reading! I also left you a super long reply comment on my blog. I always seem to leave ridiculously long comments! lol Happy reading and thanks a bunch for checking out My IMM

  2. Nice haul! I got Hollowland and Unearthly this week too. I got Moon Spell as well, that one was free like Hollowland…I made two blog posts for 99 cent ebooks this week, the links are in my IMM post.
    New follower 🙂

  3. UNEARTHLY!! I love that book! I also got Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side for free. Great IMM this week!

  4. Hello again!

    I really think you will enjoy Unearthly. It’s quality writing, written in present tense which is unusual. The rest look good too. Don’t you just love a good book bargain?

    Lynsey @ Urban Fantasy Book Reviews

  5. Ria

    I bought a copy of “Hollowland” a while ago but still haven’t read it yet. I do want to give that author a try, though, so I really ought to make the time to read it soon.

    Happy reading!

  6. Unearthly is so so good! I loved it so much! 🙂

    Well, the funny thing about PSI, is that noone know exactly what this book is about. Everyone that read it, hasn’t told anyone what the book is about. Which is weird. I am on page 40 of 777, so it’s not that I know very well yet, what’s about. But I think it’s about the mind and perception of reality. Of how the world is actually our own perception of reality and that everyone percive it on their own way or something like that. Like I said, I just read 40 pages 😛 But when I finish I’ll probably write a review about it – in english 😀 I think I’ll be the first 😛 Hope they don’t sue me for revealing the world’s secrets 😛 😀